Unit3 英语阅读练习
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Henry finds a job on a farm. He is the strongest and youngest. He eats more, sleeps more, but works less. He doesn’t like to use his head, so he knows little. He has to do some unskilled (无需特殊技能的) work. He always says he’s tired and hopes to have a good rest. So he gets less money than others.

Winter is coming. The workers are getting ready for the next year. Only Henry does nothing. The farmer tells him to cut down some trees in the forest. The young man has to go there with a chair. He feels lonely(寂寞的)in the forest and is afraid of the animals. So he looks around and sings loudly. Nobody knows what he’s singing.

After three days, Henry doesn’t cut down any trees. The farmer feels strange. He wants to find out how the young man is working there. To his anger(生气), Henry is sitting on the chair, cutting the tree.

“Why are you sitting here to cut the trees?” asks the farmer.

“Because I can’t work, if lying(躺着), sir!”

(   ) 1. Henry doesn’t like to use his head, so_______. 

A. he knows little knowledge (知识

B. he is young and strong

C. he is old and weak 

D. he finds a job on a farm

(   ) 2. Henry gets less money because ________. 

A. he sleeps more 

B. he does some unskilled work 

C. he isn’t polite (礼貌的) to the farmer 

D. he eats more

(   ) 3. Henry has to cut down the trees because _________. 

A. he can do nothing except (除了) it 

B. he likes to stay in the quiet forest 

C. he can’t get on well with others 

D. he is very strong

(   ) 4. Henry is ______ to stay in the forest. 

A. glad          B. angry              

C. afraid               D. safe

(   ) 5. Henry hopes to _______. 

A. make the farmer happy                  

B. get help

C. lie down in the forest                    

D. cut down more trees

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